Übersicht der Cotonea Werte-Symbole

Cotonea’s values

We always do what many textile producers can’t even promise to do!

What we stand for

We only use organic cotton

  • Das Cotonea Wertesymbol für gesunde Bio Baumwolle
    Cotonea textiles are made using only organic cotton.

In Uganda and Central Asia, we cultivate our own organic cotton in regions with sufficient rainfall. We do not use genetically engineered seeds, artificial fertilisers or pesticides. Our local partners know many natural methods to keep large insect infestations “in check”. An independent certification company controls the adherence to ecological standards.

Better living conditions through fair payments

  • Das Cotonea Wertesymbol für Fairness in der gesamten Produktions- und Lieferkette
    Fair Trade along the entire production and supply chain.

The organic premium, which we pay on top of the global market price, is comparatively high. This way the farmers can reach higher yields with simultaneously low costs with their organic agriculture. The profitability of a project improves - and at the same time the living conditions of the farmers improve. In addition, we pay a Fair Trade premium. The premium is paid to a group of farmers and its use jointly agreed upon.

Sustainable production for the sake of our environment

  • Das Cotonea Wertesymbol für eine Herstellung nach den weltweit anspruchsvollsten Standards für Naturtextilien
    Sustainable production according to the most demanding standards.

Time and time again, we strive to achieve this level. For this, we and our products are awarded with the IVN BEST label, for which we have created our own symbol of excellence. The conditions of the textile production chain change constantly, which is why monitoring is extremely important. This is part of day-to-day operations but at the same time still complex. We are glad to do it, as sustainable action requires consistency.

Our entire expertise for environmentally sound products

  • Das Cotonea Wertesymbol für gesundheitlich unbedenkliche Bio Textilien
    Organic textiles without harmful chemicals.

Harmful substances are a “no-go” - for our organic farmers as well as our suppliers. As we produce according to the world’s highest standard for natural fibres, everything is monitored according to IVN Best guidelines. The obligation to produce “healthy cotton” is our greatest personal concern. For this we have achieved the mark of recognition declaring that our products do not pose a risk to health.

Cotonea stands for consistent high organic quality

  • Das Cotonea Wertesymbol für langlebige Bio-Qualität
    Longevity - durability - consistency.

There is great care and a large commitment for a healthy environment in all of our products. They are of too high a quality and our natural resources are too valuable, for us to change our collections each season. At the same time our customers delight in being able to rebuy their favourite design for a long time. Only longevity is sustainable.

Transparency: from the cultivation of organic cotton to the moment when you hold the product in your hands

  • Das Cotonea Wertesymbol für eine transparente Produktions- und Lieferkette
    Transparency along the entire production and supply chain.

We disclose the cultivation methods and the identity of our cooperation partners for our fair organic cotton, as well as all steps of production - from our own production to our suppliers. The Cotonea product passport documents each of these steps: the source of the cotton, the production of yarn and fabric, refinement and manufacturing. Even our energy footprint is no secret. We produce more renewable power than we use in our entire production. You can find more information under Aspects of sustainability. Our transparency gives you security - and a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Allergies? Cotonea stands for: well-being without regret

  • Das Cotonea Wertesymbol für die Unbedenklichkeit der Bio Textilien für Allergiker
    Cotonea textiles are suitable for allergy sufferers.

Organic cotton textiles, no matter whether with the Cotonea brand label or under the name of a different provider: again and again our products are tested, and every time they perform outstandingly. Allergy sufferers react very sensitively to residue - we have only had one single case of reddened skin since the founding of Cotonea in 2003.

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Cotonea Aspekte der Nachhaltigkeit
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Cotonea has been producing its own energy using hydropower since 1855 and its own solar energy since 2002.

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