Nachhaltige Herstellung der Cotonea Bio Textilien in der gesammten Produktionskette

The manufacturing process of Cotonea’s organic textiles

Harmful substances or substances of concern may not be used anywhere during the production process. Working conditions and wages are fair - because we want it that way.

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Production chain

Production with responsibility

  • Bio Baumwollgarn auf Spulen in Naturfarbe für die Herstellung von Edel-Biber Bettwäschen
    The organic yarn for the fine flannelette bedding waits on large spools

We, however, know our entire manufacturing chain and can offer transparency in all steps, from the cotton fields to our products reaching the customer: our organic cotton, which is harvested and also ginned in Uganda and Kyrgyzstan travels by ship or train to the spinning mills in Germany or Turkey. Using the organic yarn our weaving factory in the Czech Republic produces the fabric. Knitted fabrics (for example, jersey for fitted sheets) are produced by small businesses on the Swabian Alb in Germany.

The fabrics are then bleached using oxygen, coloured or printed (refined) solely in Germany or Switzerland and are then sent for product manufacturing to our sewing workshop in the Czech Republic. There we value precise and individual handicraft. Here the product receives its product passport. We do not only produce our own Cotonea products, we also deliver fabrics and finished products to large and small manufacturers of natural textiles.

The manufacturing steps
Maschinelle Entkörnung und manuelle Sortierung der Bio-Baumwolle vor der Weiterverarbeitung
Ginning the organic cotton

Separation of organic cotton fibres and seeds in our own Fair Trade projects.

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Spinnen der Cotonea Bio-Baumwollgarne auf Ringspinnmaschinen
Spinning the organic cotton fibres

Organic cotton fibres are spun into yarns in our spinning mill.

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Weben der Cotonea Bio-Gewebe auf der Webmaschine in Naturfarbe
Weaving the organic cotton yarns

Cotonea organic textiles are woven in our own weaving factory in the Czech Republic by our partners.

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Veredelung der Bio-Baumwollgewebe nach anspruchsvollen internationalen Standards
Refining and finishing the organic cotton textiles

Refinement of the raw organic textiles in Germany or Switzerland according to the highest standards.

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Konfektionierung der Cotonea Bio-Textilien
Manufacture of products using organic textiles

Manufacture of products using Cotonea organic textiles in our own sewing workshop in the Czech Republic.

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