Konfektionieren der Cotonea Bio Textilien mit bewährter Technik und Handarbeit

Manufacture of products using organic textiles

Manufacture of products using Cotonea organic textiles in our own sewing workshop in the Czech Republic by qualified professionals.

Manufacture of products Further work stages

Sewing and manufacturing with fair conditions

  • Ein Großteil der Cotonea Bio-Textilien werden in Handarbeit genäht und konfektioniert
    A lot of handwork has already gone into the Cotonea organic textiles when they arrive with the customer. Even during the cutting which is the first work stage, the residual shrinkage must be taken into account.
  • Konfektion der Cotonea Bio-Textilien in Tschechien von gelernten Schneiderinnen
    The clothing manufacturers and sewing workshops, that work for Cotonea, are located in Nachod in the Czech Republic, just like the weaving factory. Here, trained seamstresses work for just and fair wages.

Here most of our organic textiles are cut, sewn and packaged for transportation. This mainly concerns the organic bedding made of satin, fine linon, fine flannelette or chambray fabric, as well as organic clothing for babies and children. Our objective is always to deliver the best organic quality, for this reason only trained specialists manufacture products for Cotonea. In addition, a product passport includes detailed information regarding the product’s exact chain of production.

  • Näherin näht in präziser Handarbeit Cotonea Bio Textilien
    Trained specialists create the long-lasting brand quality of the Cotonea organic textiles with precise handicraft. This requires a necessary amount of time and skill.
Previous work stage
Veredelung der Bio-Baumwollgewebe nach anspruchsvollen internationalen Standards
Refining and finishing the organic cotton textiles

Refinement of the raw organic textiles in Germany or Switzerland according to the highest standards.

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