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Organic textiles from Cotonea

Learn more about the production of Cotonea oraganic textiles from organic cotton to the finished product and experience what transparency really means.


Cotonea - seals & labels

  • Das Bio Siegel von Cotonea steht für Ökologie, Fairness und Qualität

    The Cotonea Organic-Seal is our commitment

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  • Cotonea Produkte mit Textil-Label IVN BEST

    IVN Best textile label - Lic. no. 151701 | cartified by Ecocert Greenlife

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  • Cotonea Bio-Textilien mit Textil Label GOTS

    GOTS textile label - Lic. no. 151701 | certified by Ecocert Greenlife

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  • Cotonea Bio-Textilien sind mit Fair For Life Fair Label gekennzeichnet

    Fair For Life label - fair through the entire production and supply chain

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Cotonea Bio-Baumwollfeld im Fair Trade Anbauprojekt Kirgistan

Our organic cotton

Cotton is the most widely used fiber in the world. It meets the highest standards of comfort, durability and hygiene. We use only organic cotton from our own cultivation projects in Uganda and Kyrgyzstan.

Organic cotton

Production of our organic textiles

Textiles go through many manufacturing steps. The chain is so complex that, the majority of the fashion industry admits that it can not be controled properly. On the other hand, we know our entire production chain for sustainable organic textiles. Learn everything about the production of our Cotonea products - simply explained - transparent - honest.

Herstellung der Cotonea Bio Gewebe im eigenen Werk in Tschechien
Das Label der Bio-Marke Cotonea auf naturbelassenem Baumwoll-Gewebe

The Cotonea brand

Cotonea stands for sustainable organic textiles. The prerequisite for a beautiful and durable textile is our know-how, which we have grown over 160 years. It is our most important asset. We are passionate about safe production practices and sustainable farming. Nature has a high priority, so we want to help preserve it. Discover what's behind the Cotonea brand and why we do what we do.



26.09.19 Cotonea erreichung der Sustainable Development Goals der UN Nummer 2 zero hunger

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2): ending hunger

02.09.19 Cotonea Erreichung der Sustainable Development Goals der UN Nummer 1 No Poverty Vorschau

Cotonea contributes to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): Number 1 ending poverty

22.07.19 Glyphosat ist nicht nur ein Problem für Bayer

Glyphosate – not only a problem for Bayer